Dec 5, 2016 10:20:51 AM

NAI Harcourts touches down in Singapore

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It was 2016’s final gathering of NAI Harcourts leaders and the NAI Global network at the ‘Asia Pacific Regional and Client Meeting’ in Singapore held from 14 -16 November.

Richard Laery, Australasian Chief Executive Officer and Greg Clarke, New Zealand General Manager along with four representatives from Australia and New Zealand attended the event, which saw a gathering of forty partners from the NAI Global network, representing 10 countries worldwide.

“It was fitting with the end of the year approaching to be able to attend the convention and connect with the Asia and Pacific businesses geographically close to Australia and New Zealand. It’s invaluable to be able to meet and connect with these businesses and create opportunities for the future,” says Mr Laery.

The convention ran over three days at The Fullerton Hotel, with opportunities to share knowledge, listings and generate referrals. Members were invited to present and showcase their capital market transactions and trends in their retail, industrial and commercial markets.

On day two NAI Singapore arranged a city tour of Singapore’s best commercial and industrial assets highlighting the capabilities of commercial property within only a small footprint.

Mauro Keller Sarmiento, Executive Managing Director of NAI Global attended the convention, “I believe the gathering of NAI Global partners promotes business synergies among NAI member firms and clients. As a group we have more resources, experience and relationships to bring to our clients. Attending the convention will give partners a better understanding of the strength, resources and reach of the NAI Global and CIII platform,” says Sarmiento.

Peter Peeters, Commercial and Industrial broker from Whangarei felt the convention presented many new opportunities.

“It opens our eyes up to the prospects and the way we do business in the future. The convention made it clear that there are many connections that can assist us in our businesses. Establishing these relationships opens up our future business with investors wanting to invest in New Zealand”, said Mr Peeters.

For Perth business owner, Sam Fazio, “In today’s world you must have a very open mind, create opportunities, plant seeds and be active in a world that has a lot of competition - you must always be one step in front. The convention opened up many contacts and opportunities, both with inbound investments in Australia and the opportunity for Australians to invest overseas and gain an understanding of all the requirements.” 

Hamilton commercial broker Mike Neale says “There will be opportunities that will come up having met members of the NAI Global Asia Pacific network. The benefits of attending the convention is these networking opportunities. If you have a need or a question you now know who to go to find the answers.”