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Harcourts Launches Partnership with Workplace by Facebook

Nov 17, 2017 4:42:07 PM

Harcourts International, recognised as a real estate industry leader in innovation, has launched Workplace by Facebook, the collaborative internal communications platform that is changing the way that businesses engage its workforce.

The first wave rollout is a pilot collaboration amongst Harcourts International, Harcourts Group Australia and Harcourts Queensland, with the franchise group of Harcourts Solutions selected to pilot from a franchise office perspective.

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Workplace is championed by Harcourts International Managing Director Mike Green, who has embraced the leading-edge communications platform since its inception in 2016.

“Businesses are no longer communicating with staff from the ‘top-down’ only,” ‘said Mr Green. “Modern and evolving organisations rely on a two-way flow of information, and Workplace ingeniously connects people in a way that they’re familiar with from a Facebook view. Our guiding value is ‘people first’ and we know that our people are central to the success of our business; they’re who make our business great.”

He noted that the Workplace platform is an internal-only corporate tool, and does not ‘cross over’ into the personal use of Facebook, saying that “each team member has a unique, professional user account within the platform.”

“And with our strong and inclusive culture, we knew that Workplace would take our team to the next level,” he said.

Already a few weeks into the pilot stage, Workplace has gained near 100% user engagement and has grown quickly due to its intuitive and organic nature.

“The response has been really positive,” said Mr Green. “Team members are empowered to ask questions, learn from each other, share interesting industry knowledge, and in general connect on a social platform that is dedicated to our team. We’ve fast-tracked our business, and we are excited to see how Workplace will help us further our vision of being recognized as having the finest experience in real estate for our team as well as business partners and clients.”

The Harcourts Technology, Human Resources and Marketing teams are central to rolling out the platform through the international network, with plans to have Workplace in use throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. in early 2018, with the balance of countries to follow.

“While we were in London earlier this year, we met with the development team at Facebook headquarters and learned about the thousands of international businesses using Workplace,” said Mr Green. “To be amongst the first real estate brands optimised for this platform is really a proud moment for our team.”

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