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Here comes the heat

Oct 3, 2019 1:44:00 PM

Our wonderful Australia summer can cause problems for those plants in your garden. With a few tips, everyone can enjoy a lush and green yard.

There are, of course, plants that thrive in these conditions such as succulents and Mediterranean herbs such as lavender, rosemary and thyme. But, for much of the garden, plants struggle with summer heat. To help you with the task of watering, reduce stress for your garden plants and keep your property looking its best, we have a few ideas.


Watering is best undertaken in the evening when cooler temperatures decrease water loss through evaporation. Saturation once weekly, depending on conditions, encourages roots to more deeply penetrate the soil. When considering drought conditions over much of Australia, collection of rainwater is an excellent way to reduce pressure on one of our most valuable resources.

Hanging baskets and potted plants are more suited to dappled shade during exceptionally hot days. This will reduce water requirements. Do the same if you go on holiday. Your friends or neighbours will appreciate less running around with the watering can.

During the dry season, it is particularly important to reduce competition for water by eliminating weeds. Mulch your soil with bark, organic material, gravel, stone, mulch mats, plastic sheeting or even newspaper. They will all help to keep the moisture in the ground and keep weeds at bay.

Tip: If you want to spend the least amount of time and resource looking after your garden, choose the right plant for the right space. Ask you local plant nursery about soil and climatic conditions for your local area and choose plants accordingly.

Consider your soil and prepare it well for the plants you wish to grow. Time invested in initial soil preparation can save money and promote a healthy garden.

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