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“It’s a great day at Harcourts, how can I help you?”

Nov 10, 2021 5:12:43 PM

Tessa Wyllie experiences a “Day in The Life” with Harcourts Dapto.

Harcourts Dapto has an amazing team culture, the kind where they treat one another like family, and are always keen to make new friends. I was greeted warmly before even stepping into the office by a “Welcome to Harcourts Dapto Tess!” sign, which was a lovely personal touch.

Picture3On entrance I was greeted by Charmaine, who is the Director of First Impression at Harcourts Dapto, who then introduced me to Michael (Harcourts Dapto Business Owner), and from there I met the whole team. And what better way to bond than doing the morning coffee run! If you stop by the office, it’s a Dirty Chai on Almond for Aimee, and Regular Cappuccino for Michael, from Alexanders Café just down the road.

Once back and coffees distributed, I jumped straight into the car with Cassandra to take some information to one of their tenants. I then concentrated on spending time with each team member to experience a part of their role, learn about the systems they use, and see how they go about their day-to-day procedures.

I felt privileged and grateful being able to have the day to build relationships with the team at Harcourts Dapto and learning more about how their business operates. I believe that the more time we spend proactively making decisions based on the Harcourts Values, the better we can connect and grow alongside our network. The more time we spend listening and understanding our teams, the better we can support them.

In conversation with the staff, it was uplifting hearing how they all spoke about Michael. Held in high regard, you can really see the amount of respect they have for him. Obviously, Michael has put a lot of time and effort into making his business and employees a second family. This is further reinforced by the location of the office – a house that, thanks to warm greetings from staff and personal touches, retains its homely feel.

Picture1I couldn’t help noticing that every time the phones were answered, the person on the other end was greeted with “It’s a great day at Harcourts, how can I help you?” a catchphrase I could see catching on around the network.

Moving into my Culture Ambassador role, I intend to use my experience from my day at Dapto as inspiration on how we can better connect with our network.

For example, recently some of the other SOMs in the Support Team have mentioned how Property Management should be on the same level as Sales. Being able to spend a day with the Harcourts Dapto PM team, in particular Michelle, gave me some great insight to how we could best go about this, and how well it would be received across the board.

‘A Day in the Life’ encourages connection and engagement between the Harcourts Support Team and our Network. I recommend the experience.



Tessa Wyllie is soon to take up the role of Culture Ambassador, tasked to "Drive the delivery of a Culture and Recognition program – Our Harcourts, Our Best". Primarily working to create greater connections with the entire network, and to ensure that everyone across the business is recognised for the impact that they have, the role looks at both the internal corporate team as well as everyone, and at all levels, within the Franchises.

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