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Plumbing crisis management

Dec 11, 2019 5:21:55 PM

A plumbing emergency can happen at any time, and invariably when it is most inconvenient. Here are some helpful tips on dealing with a plumbing crisis before the expert arrives.


The tap that won’t turn off

This is a common household emergency and no matter how much the tap is turned; the water flow does not reduce. If it is the hot water tap, turn off the outlet from the hot water at the source – the tap which controls the supply of water to the house. A good idea is to find out ahead of time exactly where that tap is so you can go to it straight away in a crisis. Then, call the plumber or your property manager.

Blocked drains and toilets

A rubber plunger can be very effective when pumped up and down over a blocked sink, bath, shower drain or toilet. If the suction from the plunger is unable to dislodge an object, call a plumber or your property manager.

Valuables down the sink

Your ring may have accidentally gone down the drain but that doesn’t mean you have seen the last of it. If you stop the flow of water immediately there is every chance the ring will be recovered in the curve of the water pipe when it is dismantled by a plumber.

Overflowing or leaking toilet cistern

Can be messy! If this happens, lift the cistern cover and check to see if the ballcock is stuck. If this isn’t the problem, lift the mechanism controlling the lower valve in case some grit or rust is preventing it working properly. Failing this, call your plumber. In the meantime, stop the supply of water to the cistern by turning off the cistern tap, normally located beside or below the toilet cistern, or possibly outside near the street edge of the property.

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