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Simple renovations for rental properties

Apr 20, 2018 11:00:01 AM

It can be hard to update the interior of your home if your landlord doesn’t approve of permanent changes to their property. Whatever change you’re looking for, you might be surprised by what you can do without creating any havoc with your landlord.

Here are some simple tips to change up the look of the property you’re renting. 


Make a bed head
Head to your local hardware store and pick up some wood to create a simple frame. Cover it with foam and fabric, then accent with matching throw pillows. Add some felt to the surface next to the wall to prevent any marks or damage.

Photo frames
If your tenancy allows nail holes in the wall, cover it with matching photo frames to create a focal feature point in the room. No nails? There are removable non-permanent hooks that won't damage paint when used correctly.

Add colour with rugs and runners in complimentary tones. Tie all the colours together with your throw cushions or accent accessories. Remember to include glass or metal finishes to create reflection and movement.

If your furniture is looking drab, don’t despair. You can achieve an entirely different look by simply recovering it in a block colour fabric and experimenting with patterned cushions. 

Try using an oversized lamp or hanging pendant lights as a feature in a room to really make an impact.


Always a great option in small or dark spaces. They can make the rooms appear much larger and help bounce light into a dimly lit room.

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