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The Four Colours Your Home Needs for Instant Cosiness this Winter

Jul 8, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Winter is one of those times of year where we all gravitate to the comfiest spots in our homes. Snuggling up with woolly throws on the couch, boiling the kettle for pots of tea or coffee, and curling up next to a heater or fireplace.

If you’re looking to add even more warmth to your home this winter, why not look at adding these hot winter colours to your favourite spaces around the home?

Here we look at colours that will bring warmth to your home and can easily be injected with some well-chosen pieces or even a new coat of paint.

Lush Reds


Deep wine hues instinctively make us think of warm spaces, and surrounding ourselves in lush red hues can actually make us feel cosier.

Try adding a wine-coloured rug to your living area, or even choosing a plush red velvet couch for your living space.

Deep Blues


Don’t shy away from darker hues in winter, sometimes these are exactly the shades that add a feeling of relaxation to a room, with blue a calming colour. Blue can also add a sense of drama and sophistication to a space.

Moody blues can be added subtly if you’re worried about making your space too dark, with vases and pottery, cushions – especially against a light-coloured couch, and even simply with contrasting blue covers of coffee table books.



There’s nothing brighter and more inviting than the glisten of gold, and there are plenty of ways to add this shade to a room. Metallics have been really popular in homewares of late, and there is no shortage of pieces that will help to bring shine to your home.

Think rose gold candles and candle holders, gold trays and copper baskets for storing knick-knacks on your coffee table, metallic clocks, coasters and even woven through fabrics in cushions and throws. Careful not to go overboard though as these shades can look garish when used liberally, so let them form subtle hints of warmth around your space.



When using a neutral palette in your home, steer clear of bright whites which can make a space look too stark and sterile. To ensure your neutral colour-scheme is still a warm and inviting space even through the cooler months, look for neutrals with warm undertones.

Buttery cream colours, and even very soft greens and duck-egg blues still work within a largely neutral colour palette whilst also keeping the space inviting.

These colours work equally well on walls as they do on soft furnishings. You can then inject more colour if you wish through accessories which can easily be swapped out and changed throughout the seasons.

Why not experiment with a few of these shades this winter and add some extra cosiness to your home?

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