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The Six Dos and Don’ts of Applying for a Rental Property

Oct 19, 2015 12:08:19 PM

Are you looking to apply for a rental property, but aren’t sure how to put your best foot forward? Here we’ve canvassed some of the top tips when it comes to applying for a rental property from some of our property management specialists.


Have all your information clearly printed on the application with all supporting documents attached. This just makes the process that much easier and quicker for everyone.


Leave blanks on applications. This will only slow down the agency processing the application and means you could potentially lose the property to another fully completed application.


Make sure all referees are aware that you are applying for a property and ensure they’re happy and available to answer any questions. Sometimes these calls can come as a surprise to referees who are then less willing to give out a reference over the phone. Again, this further slows down your application and may mean you’ll potentially miss out on the property.


Dress poorly when going to a rental inspection. Treat the meeting as you would a job interview and make sure you leave a positive first impression. Dressing neatly gives the impression that you will be a neat and tidy tenant.


Make sure your payroll/HR department are also aware that you are applying for a rental property and give them permission to verify your salary information over the phone to the property manager. This information is important for a property manager to confirm as it will help to determine your capacity to meet regular rental payments. Note that this information is kept strictly confidential.


Be dishonest in your rental application. If you would like the landlord or property manager to consider allowing you to have a pet, be upfront about this expectation, be honest about your job status and salary and if you’re planning to live with a roommate. It’s always better to have these conversations before signing any paperwork to ensure neither you nor your property manager are put in an uncomfortable position after you’ve begun your tenancy.

If you are a fist time renter, you may be concerned about proving your rental history. Don’t worry, the main things your landlord and property manager will be looking for are your ability to meet regular rental payments, to take care of the property and meet the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

If you do miss out on a rental property, don’t be disheartened! Speak with the property manager managing the property about other potential properties on the market, or to keep you informed of similar properties as they become available.

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