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Time to test your smoke alarms

May 3, 2018 2:39:03 PM

Many Australians change their smoke alarm batteries once per year. For a landlord or property owner, smoke alarm compliance is much more than just changing a battery and testing an alarm.Smoke alarms blog photo on stool

By simply pushing the test button of an alarm, you are not meeting the required duty of care. It is best practice to ensure:

  • All alarms meet Australian Standard 3786:2015.
  • All alarms satisfy the requirements of the Building Code of Australia Part 3.7.2 in regard to placement and position.
  • All alarms are not past their expiry date (all smoke alarms, including 240v hard wired alarms must be replaced within 10 years of the manufacture date).
  • The battery has been tested to ensure more than 80% charge and replaced if required.
  • The audible output of each smoke alarm has been tested to ensure no less than 85dba.
  • The alarms have been cleaned and sprayed with compressed air to remove dirt, debris and insects.
  • The alarm has been removed from the ceiling, the connections checked and the power supply to 240v hard wired alarms has been confirmed with a Voltmeter.
  • Alarms are positioned in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.
  • Any faulty or expired alarms that are required for compliance are replaced. (This is free of charge under the Smoke Alarm Solutions $99 Platinum Annual Smoke Alarm Service.)

Property Managers are generally not appropriately qualified or trained to ensure total smoke alarm compliance so why not leave it to the professionals. Remove your risk and liability by enrolling in a Smoke Alarm Solutions Annual Service today!

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