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Tips to care for your pool after a storm

Mar 11, 2020 3:17:00 PM

When heavy rain, strong winds, and severe storms hit, your pool needs extra care to ensure it’s safe and healthy.

Typically, after heavy rainfall, a pool will require phosphate removers and adjuster chemicals, but always start with the basics after bad weather strikes and check these things first:

1. Rain heavily dilutes chemicals, especially chlorine and salt. Add extra chlorine, even if you have a salt system, to prevent the levels dropping too low. This minimises the time for algae to bloom.

2. Check that none of your electrical equipment (i.e. pump, chlorinator) have been damaged by the weather and that no puddles have formed around them. If it looks like there’s a safety issue, contact a professional right away.


Storms can cause the following

· Debris & damage to equipment and surfaces.

· Motor burnout/fusion.

· Dilution of chlorine, salt and other chemicals, reducing their effectiveness.

· Additional phosphates can wash into your pool. Phosphate is food for algae, meaning a potential green pool.

· Electricity and safety issues, such as pumps and lights, short-circuiting or blowing out.

After a storm

· Balance your pool water and correct any chemical imbalance. Bring a water sample into Poolwerx and we can quickly analyse it and advise you what you need to get your pool back in balance

· Make sure you call a professional for all electrical issues.

If it’s all too much, give Poolwerx a call to get your pool back in tip-top shape!

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