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Jun 3, 2019 2:17:11 PM

Awards for 2019 Announced

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At the Harcourts Australia National Conference, held 27-29 May at The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, outstanding performers were named across 31 categories in residential and commercial sales, property management and business achievements.

The annual conference is known for being a unique combination of learning, presentations and announcements from a selection of international leaders along with opportunities for industry networking and strategy sessions.

harcourtsAU-147Harcourts Hall of Fame Induction (LtoR) Andrew Baker, Mike Green, Julianna Forsyth Baker, Paul Wright

Harcourts top accolade, the Harcourts Hall of Fame, was presented to Julianna Forsyth Baker, who served as a Harcourts corporate team member for over 20 years.

As the induction for Ms Forsyth Baker said, “Julianna joined Harcourts International and took on the massive challenge of the property management division for Harcourts. She is the reason the property management focus exists at Harcourts. And why it is such a focus for Harcourts business owners today. She won the respect and loyalty of everyone in the Harcourts group, and she modelled new standards for that team to work together toward a shared vision.

From leading property management to leading the transition of the group into a structured client experience program, Ms Forsyth Baker was the perfect champion for the client experience program – returning to where it all began in real estate. The client experience has always been her passion.”

Major Awards Announced

Top Sales Consultant – Garth Makowski, Harcourts The Property People Campbelltown, New South Wales


harcourtsAU-263Top Office & Top Franchise – Harcourts Coastal, Queensland


harcourtsAU-180Top Administrator of the Year – Tayla Broomby, Harcourts Launceston, Tasmania



Novice Auctioneer of the Year – Vincent Doran, Harcourts Plus-Seaton, South Australia



Auctioneer of the Year – Daniel Galea, Harcourts Rata & Co, Victoria


harcourtsAU-201Property Manager of the Year – Anne-Marie Fishburn, Harcourts Shellharbour/Albion Pak, New South Wales



Top NAI Harcourts Commercial Sales Consultant – Phil Grant, NAI Harcourts Pinnacle Aspley, Queensland



Top Landmark Harcourts Residential – Belinda Hocking, Landmark Harcourts Alexandra, Victoria



Top Rural Sales Consultant Landmark - Barry Redmond, Landmark Harcourts Leongatha


harcourtsAU-224Harcourts Foundation Award – Evan Broadbent, Harcourts Warragul, Victoria


harcourtsAU-223Rising Star of the Year – Daniel Bozoski, Harcourts Ballarat, Victoria


harcourtsAU-170Top Mortgage Express Consultant – Christine Penford, Mortgage Express Victoria


“Over the past year Harcourts has seen tremendous strengthening of our market position, and we have narrowed the gap from being #3 in the market toward our goal of being #1 across Australia,” said Marcus Williams, CEO Harcourts Group Australia.

“Although the real estate market, in general, fell in the amount of sales, I’m pleased to say that Harcourts saw an increase in the number of residential sales, proof positive of the deep connection and awesome client experience provided by our 400-plus offices.

“We have an arsenal of specialists in our team who bring their expertise in a whole range of related services such as commercial, rural and regional, auctions, property management, mortgages, and the services of a multitude of our business partners. As a group we are uniquely placed to support our clients at every stage of their property journey and provide our clients with a fully comprehensive range of services to meet their needs.



Top 20 Australia Sales Consultants (office, state)

1. Garth Makowski, Harcourts The Property People Campbelltown, NSW

2. Stephanie Williams, Harcourts Williams, SA

3. Tolemy Stevens, Harcourts Coastal, QLD

4. Erica Hartanto, Harcourts Applecross, WA

5. Nick Bond, Harcourts Huon Valley, TAS

6. Jason Dowler, Harcourts JT & Co., VIC

7. Carmen Briggs, Harcourts Solutions - Inner West, QLD

8. Stephen Neal, Harcourts Property People, SA

9. Andrew Chrysanthou, Harcourts Unlimited, NSW

10. Emilie Jordanou, Harcourts Wantirna, VIC

11. Barry Redmond, Landmark Harcourts Leongatha, VIC

12. Matt Sergeant, Harcourts Sergeant , SA

13. Alistair Agius, Harcourts Hills Living, NSW

14. Shaun Kaddatz, Harcourts Coastal - Paradise Point, QLD

15. Jeremy Wilkinson, Harcourts Launceston, TAS

16. Darryl Langton, Landmark Harcourts Roma, QLD

17. Katrina Walsh, Harcourts Coastal, QLD

18. John Garnett, Harcourts Boronia, VIC

19. Archie Mantsos, Harcourts Wantirna, VIC

20. Paul Thomason, Landmark Harcourts Esperance, WA


The evening also doubled as the awards ceremony for three international categories where the following were awarded: Top 5 offices, Top franchises and Top Sales Consultants.


Top International Offices

1. Harcourts Papanui, NZ

2. Harcourts Christchurch City, NZ

3. Harcourts Milford, NZ

4. Harcourts Coastal, AU

5. Harcourts NV1, US


Top International Franchise

1. Harcourts Cooper & Co Real Estate Ltd, NZ

2. Harcourts Team Group, NZ

3. Harcourts Grenadier Real Estate Ltd, NZ

4. Harcourts Monarch Real Estate Ltd, NZ

5. Harcourts Holmwood Real Estate, NZ


Top 10 International Sales Consultants

1. Cameron Bailey, Harcourts Papanui, NZ

2. Shaun Cosgrave, Harcourts Hamilton Glenview, NZ

3. Alison Aitken, Harcourts Christchurch City, NZ

4. William Yip, Harcourts Johnsonville, NZ

5. Karl Vermeulen, Harcourts Howick, NZ

6. Mitchell Roberts, Harcourts The Palms, NZ

7. Marty Ritchie, Harcourts Paremata, NZ

8. Yvenna Yue, Harcourts Central City, NZ

9. Garth Makowski, Harcourts The Property People, AU

10. Mary Turnbull, Harcourts Papanui, NZ


Photos: courtesy Harcourts