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Oct 12, 2021 2:49:31 PM

CEO of Harcourts SA, Gregg Toyama, announces retirement


AFTER 33 years in the real estate industry and 16 years of heading up some of Harcourts’ most prized and successful industry sectors, it comes without doubt that Harcourts SA CEO Gregg Toyama will be enjoying a well deserved break as he begins his retirement in early December.

From attaining global recognition in his field to guiding Harcourts SA through COVID to record their best year, it is safe to say that Gregg Toyama has contributed to raising the professional standards of the real estate industry under the Harcourts banner. 

In 2016 as the Head of eBusiness, Gregg was recognised by Apple as ‘Best in Class’ for mobile technology and suite of apps, receiving worldwide acknowledgement for the project. In the same role in 2017, Gregg won the 2017 National REB ‘Innovator of the Year Award’ for Harcourts suite of apps. 

GT-REB awards 2017

Showing no signs of slowing down, Gregg only added to the success of the Harcourts brand, with this year seeing Harcourts SA achieve a 10% market share in South Australia for the first time in 2021. 

A much-loved member of the Harcourts community

Fondly known as ‘GT’, Gregg Toyama is revered throughout the Harcourts team as a man of courtesy, enthusiasm and sage guidance, who will be deeply missed upon his departure. 

Kate Smith, owner of Harcourts Smith, fondly recounts her experiences with Gregg and how he has helped her develop her business. 

"GT was pivotal in onboarding and my rebranding to Harcourts in 2019 - his support, guidance and banter I will dearly miss,” she says. 

It is clear that Gregg also has a great passion for the development of his teams, spreading his reach across all employees in the South Australia area. 

Gregg’s passion and enthusiasm for the people within our group is infectious,” says Kim Shorland, registered Manager & Director of Harcourts Adelaide Hills and Collective. “From app development to the box seat for SA, he always had our best interests in hand.  Knowing Gregg was at the helm for SA has been really special.  He is a true gentleman and will be greatly missed.” 


Rising to the challenge of the industry

For Gregg, his 16 years with Harcourts have not been without challenges, however, he has adapted to the unique changes placed before him to create innovation for his industry. 

As the Head of eBusiness, Gregg learned to adapt to the idiosyncrasies of the various states and countries of which Harcourts operates, ensuring that their mobile technology tools were relevant and customizable to local market conditions. Similarly, in his role as the CEO of Harcourts SA, Gregg revelled in the opportunity to best decide how to apply resources to enhance productivity, culture and increase retention and recruitment opportunities in the real estate sector. 

The next step for Gregg

What Gregg has enjoyed most about his real estate career has been the people. 

“I have had the honour of meeting and working with special people all over the world over the past 33 years,” said Gregg. 

Now, moving into his retirement, Gregg plans to spend his days spending time with family, giving back to the community, pursuing his personal interests and demonstrating gratitude.

“I’d like to thank everyone that I have had a pleasure to meet and work with within the Harcourts family, especially Mike, Irene, Paul and Gilbert for the many opportunities and support over the last 16 years, and their special role in my development, both in business and personally which I am eternally grateful,” said Gregg. 

The entire family here at Harcourts Australia bids a fond farewell to the inimitable Gregg Toyama.