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Jun 21, 2016 1:52:07 PM

Empathy and energy inspire Julie to Australia's top regional sales agent award

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Julie_Mahoney_smaller.jpgThere’s no denying Julie Mahoney’s backyard is going through some tough times.

Townsville, regarded as the unofficial capital of North Queensland, is still standing, but is sporting some large bruises from several hits to its economy over recent years, including a current unemployment rate of over 11% and the worst insolvency rate in the country.


Considering the fragile nature of the Townsville economy, Julie Mahoney’s recent achievement takes on an even greater significance.

Julie received the award of Australia’s top regional Sales Consultant for 2016 at the recent REB Awards in Sydney, up against agents in far more prosperous areas.

The award is testament to Julie’s boundless energy, connection with her community, and her empathy for the people of Townsville, as together they ride the waves of economic uncertainty.

“Some of my clients I’ve had for over 10 years and most of my business comes through referral,” said Julie.

“During the course of work, I sit with some really good people around their dinner table, and some of the situations are not very good – and it does take a toll on you.

“I have sleepless nights over some of my clients. Empathy is a big thing and this is not just a job to me. I fight to the very last cent for my clients.

“I’m also known to tell it like it is – and don’t sugar-coat things. I start my clients on the right page – and make sure they know exactly what is going on in the market.”

Energetic, bubbly and with the ability to immediately make others feel at ease, Julie started in real estate nine years ago in Townsville, after working in hospitality. She studied Horticultural Science and worked as a Commodity Trader when in New Zealand, which she believes gives her a strong base in the art of negotiation.

She was recruited into Harcourts in 2008, has worked with three Principals during that time at Harcourts Townsville Kingsberry, and now works with two personal assistants.

Julie built her business, not only on empathy and referrals, but also through insisting on excellence in marketing, giving careful attention to detail and by specialising in the iconic Queenslander and city suburbs.

“I probably spent about 30% of my time making sure the house goes to the market in the very best light,” said Julie.

“I love Queenslanders (style of building unique to Queensland) and have done a lot of study into how they are built and understand them well. Many of the homes I sell are quite old and have a few ‘wrinkles’.

“So before a home goes on the market, I project manage the process to make sure there’s nothing structurally wrong with the property. I’ve also used a lot of staging since 2008 – just little bits and pieces around the home.

“We use drones and pole photography a lot just to make sure its presented perfectly.”

When accepting her award in Sydney, Julie was quick to give credit to the culture of Harcourts and the ongoing support of the Harcourts Queensland State team and leadership of Harcourts Australia.

“Considering it’s an industry and Australian-wide award, I feel humbled and extremely proud of this achievement. To be recognised as such by an independent panel of judges, based mainly in Southern Australia, I am empowered by this prestigious award,” she said.

“Undoubtedly, my support team of Emma and Alex have played a major role in achieving this award. The ongoing training and support from my Harcourts family has motivated me to always better myself.

“Finally, but not least, my clients who place their faith and trust in me to achieve the best possible results, refer me to their friends and speak positively of me.”


ABOVE: (from left) Mike Green (Managing Director, Harcourts International), congratulates Julie Mahoney and husband Paul, together with Irene Green (Head of Harcourts Academy), who also received a REB Award on the night for Training and Education Program of the Year.