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Jun 7, 2019 11:48:56 AM

Julianna Forsyth Baker Inducted into the Harcourts Hall of Fame

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During a gala black-tie evening, Harcourts International inducted Julianna Forsyth Baker into the Harcourts Hall of Fame. Ms Forsyth Baker joins a list of select real estate professionals recognised with the highest accolade in the Harcourts network.

LtoR: Andrew Baker, Mike Green, Julianna Forsyth Baker, Paul Wright

Described as a mentor to many corporate team members and someone who has given their time freely to assist business owners, sales consultants and property managers wanting to achieve their own goals.

“Julianna is an outstanding individual and an example of the qualities that we hold dear throughout the Harcourts family,” said Mike Green, Harcourts International Managing Director.

“She is a shining example of everything great about Harcourts – a passionate people person, focussed on the success of those around them, as well as a true personality within the Group.

We are grateful for her leadership, her passion for this organisation and, most importantly, for being an inspiration.”

Ms Forsyth Baker began her career in real estate in the 1990s, where her early days were spent alongside Peter Gilchrist in his burgeoning Harcourts real estate business. She created focus groups and became the expert that she is on customer service and systems today. And she did it with drive, high energy and practical intelligence. In the end, other businesses were asking her to come talk to them about customer service and setting up their own systems.

After leaving the Gilchrist business in 2009 she joined Harcourts International, where she took on the massive challenge of the property management division for Harcourts. Ms Forsyth Baker put property management at the forefront of Harcourts leaders and is credited for championing the property management focus that exists at Harcourts.

Known for connecting herself to projects and missions that provide her with strong purpose, Ms Forsyth Baker channels her passion and beliefs toward achieving for the greater good of the organisation.

Harcourts International Director of Professional Development Irene Green said, “Julianna has so much talent. I refer to her as the chameleon as she can learn and adapt to any challenge you put in front of her.

“Her heart is huge with such a capacity for love. Every organisation needs leaders like Julianna. Her strong sense of empathy made her the perfect champion for the client experience program – returning to where it all began in real estate. The client experience has always been her passion.”

Joining the celebration was Ms Forsyth Baker’s husband Andrew Baker. Her mother-in-law and stepdaughter sent video messages of congratulations from the U.K.

Harcourts Hall of Fame members attending the ceremony included: Robert McCormick, Davinder Singh, Wendy Lenaghan, Brian King, Paul Wright, Alison Aitken, Stephen Dangerfield, Michael Brock, John and Lynette McFadden, Jo Clifford, Irene Green, Martin Cooper, Bob Wolff, Tony Jenkins, Tony Morrison, Steve Caradoc-Davies, Martin Millard, Kelvin Collins and Lisa & Ben Bernacki and Shaun Cosgrave.

The awards evening, where outstanding performers were recognised across 31 categories in residential and commercial sales, property management and business achievements, and kick started the two-day Harcourts Australia National Conference.