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May 24, 2021 1:29:50 PM

Harcourts Announces Number Two Network Position at Industry-First Event

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Harcourts Group Australia has announced it is now the second largest real estate group in the country at an industry- first hybrid awards event last Saturday night, where more than 2000 team members around the country celebrated together in real time, harnessing the power of technology.

CEO Marcus Williams said it wasn’t just the logistics of running a multi-venue event simultaneously or the sheer number of Harcourts franchise teams at the evening gala events that made it memorable.

“In a year when Harcourts Group Australia is celebrating 24 years as an innovator in real estate franchising, we were so proud to be able to announce to our business owners and teams that we have continually increased our market share and have now achieved the ranking of number two real estate brand across Australia.

marcus awards-1

“It was in 2017* that the group decided on the goal to take second position in overall market share after only 20 years in business,” Mr Williams continued (seen in photo above).

At the time, it was an ambitious five-year goal, and many said it was impossible for a relative newcomer to achieve in such a short period of time, but regardless we set our compass and committed.

“Despite all the challenges over the previous year, I am thrilled to say that last year was in fact our best year yet. Never before has the Harcourts group listed, sold, managed or mortgaged as many properties.

“A number of our competitors also posted strong results, while we were quietly taking market share from them in every single state, and market share in my eyes is the only true measurement of success.”

In addition to taking market share in residential sales, Harcourts partner brands Nutrien Harcourts (rural), Mortgage Express (mortgage broking) and NAI Harcourts (commercial) all posted record-breaking results and are fast becoming market leaders in their areas of expertise. Similarly, the property management side also had a massive year, further growing the group’s property management portfolio to one of Australia’s largest.

Mr Williams also shared that the group now has the number one position firmly in its sights.

“I have no doubt that Harcourts will be the leading real estate brand in Australia. Our 400-office strong franchise network and our 140 strong corporate team are committed to achieving this goal, a goal reflecting the incredible talent we have attracted to our group.

“It is embracing our core values of putting people first and doing the right thing, to deliver the finest experience with our team, our business partners and our clients, that will soon see us achieve that goal.” 

Industry-first hybrid awards gala

5 sceens

The National Awards event doubling as State Annual Awards took place in five states state in a hybrid format, with the entertainment, award recipients and presenters live at five regional state-hosted soirees. National Awards were presented to winners in their own state and live-streamed to all locations (photo above).

This was a very special night because it was the very first time for our industry that awards nights in different states have been held simultaneously,” said Teagan Seccombe, Harcourts Australia’s Head of Events.

“We knew our network teams were really excited to come together in person after a year of being on Zoom. The pandemic redefined the way people and companies celebrate but being face to face is still critically important and always will be.

We knew from our experience of only producing virtual events last year that there’s an extra element of fun and laughter that comes from sharing with people in other geographic locations, so despite the extreme logistical challenges involved, we decided to incorporate that concept.”

“I think it’s the future of events,” continued Ms Seccombe, who prior to her appointment at Harcourts was lead event manager for for seven years. “Not everyone is able to travel, and we are aware that they may not want to. We were thrilled to be able to create a really extraordinary experience for everyone, incorporating the best of being together in-person and sharing virtually.

“In a few years’ time, we won’t even be talking about virtual, live or hybrid. We’ll just be talking about events; it’s a given that you’ll be connected in a way that works for the audience. I’m proud to see Harcourts continue to be a leader in major event delivery.”

Harcourts has previously been recognised multiple times with MEA Awards for Corporate Event of the Year for its National Awards gala.


* Market share for the group has continued to increase since 2016 in market sales, based on data reported by CoreLogic, and as of April 2021 the data confirms the group’s rise to second-largest volume of sales.