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Sep 25, 2021 8:22:45 PM

Harcourts Australia levels up at the listing table

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Agents and property managers throughout the Harcourts Australia network are having enormous success with digital proposals and listing presentations only weeks after launching the platform.

Engage, a digital platform for pre-listing kits, sales and property management proposals, was built by Realhub and has been launched in partnership with Harcourts Australia. 

“There’s a lot of important tradition in real estate but there’s also a lot that needs to be brought into the digital era,” Chief Operations Officer Lisa Pennell said. 

“These industry-leading proposals take minutes to make, seconds to send and allow us to analyse our impact in that crucial decision-making phase for investors and sellers.”

“The Realhub team has proven to be a great choice of partners for us. The Engage platform itself is industry leading, while the Harcourts designed user experience is proving to be really compelling to our clients,” Ms Pennell said. 

“In a matter of a few short weeks, our agents and property managers have issued over 2000 proposals complete with embedded videos, interactive explainers and inbuilt contracts. We’ve been blown away to see hundreds of landlords and vendors signing the integrated electronic agreement, many without so much as a phone call or email to the agent.”

“This is all about making life easier for our members and their clients, and delivering critical information in a format that suits the recipient. While some clients still want a printed pre-list or listing presentation kit and maybe always will, many now prefer to interact digitally and it’s important we cater effectively for both.”

Engage proposals are totally customisable and have all been built to be responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Prospective sellers and investors receive an instant digital proposal via text or an email link from their Harcourts professional. 

“The digital fingerprint the client leaves tells us what they opened, what they clicked, how engaged they were and which parts of the proposal interested them most.”

“Importantly, for our members, they now have a fun, efficient and impressive alternative to painstakingly building paper presentations and negotiating the office printer under time pressures. These digital proposals are visually striking, have embedded multimedia and are user-friendly.”

According to the creators, Realhub, the Engage tool focuses on three key fundamentals.

“The Harcourts rollout was our fastest mass adoption within a large network. In just the first day we were able to bring on more than 85 offices. The product has now been taken up by more than 70 per cent of the entire Harcourts network, who are now actively using it and loving it,” CEO of Realhub Frank Greeff said. 

Engage is about tracking data and insights as people view your digital proposals, having beautiful presentations built bespoke for your brand to ensure you are best in class, and saving agents an average of 30minutes per proposal compared to doing it manually.”

The Realhub team is driven to develop the best proposal tool in the market to help agents win more business. 

“We are really excited about the successful launch of Engage into the Harcourts network. The results have been so positive and we’re all looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership," Mr Greeff said. 

Comments from users

"Engage is without doubt the best platform/product to come out! The proposals are fast to create, powerful and ours is the sexiest proposal going around. If you aren’t on it, you will be left behind. Engage will simply…..CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS.” -  Dexter Prack, Harcourts Judd White

"We have found Engage to be the perfect way to introduce “New Age” digital communication between us and our clients. The Harcourts presentations look sleek and professional, and the features allow us to stay on top of the pre-listing process. We would highly recommend Engage and the team for agents and property managers wanting to take their listings to the next level.” - Jason Dowler, Harcourts JT & Co

"We love how easy it is to prepare our Harcourts pre listing and proposals. The client feedback has been brilliant too, they have appreciated how professional and informative it was. I have also had clients click accept on proposals before telling me that we are their chosen agent.” - Tain Bartholomew, Harcourts Pakenham