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Jul 9, 2020 10:28:42 AM

Harcourts expands in Adelaide CBD

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Business owner Jing Wang has capitalised on the strength and status that the market leading brand Harcourts holds in South Australia, by opening Harcourts Adelaide City. With a young, yet experienced and multicultural team, with staff who speak many languages including Chinese, Mandarin, Italian, and English, Ms Wang is thrilled to have opened the latest South Australian franchise.

With a strong focus on the many aspects of real estate within central Adelaide Ms Wang felt the time was now to move to a brand that places heavy importance on growth and support, in order to expand her company and profile.

“Harcourts is a fast-growing real estate brand which specialises in Sales and Property Management both locally and Internationally. This will benefit the growth of my business. Harcourts has good training for all staff, including great marketing and advertising technology. This will work to my advantage to build a trustworthy and professional business,” said Ms Wang (photo right).

Ms Wang has been working within the real estate sector for over 15 years, with a strong focus on inner city residential sales. Ms Wang built her own successful independent brand JinSea Real Estate, she holds a wealth of knowledge within the Adelaide real estate market and continues to uphold a strong customer service to all clients that her and the Harcourts Adelaide City team deal with.

“All the areas we have been working with are very family friendly, we are familiar with the areas and we ensure to keep a good rapport with our strong data base. Harcourts Adelaide City have a wide social media access within our community and overseas and the business receives a lot of referrals from past and present clients,” said Ms Wang.

Harcourts Adelaide City

Ms Wang understood that aligning herself to the market leading brand Harcourts was paramount for her company’s success. She wanted to provide her team with not only the reputable brand of Harcourts to leverage off, but with the additional tools and systems that the franchise offered.

“Harcourts name is recognised in the real estate industry and is well respected. The marketing systems will help my business be renowned as professional, especially to the majority of our clients which are mainly from overseas. Vendors can be rest assured that with the systems Harcourts has in place, the technology and marketing available for the property, the vendor can be confident that an award-winning company that has been around for over 130 years, can achieve the best results,” Ms Wang.

For Ms Wang, the choice of Harcourts was set in stone when it came to the Harcourts values and aligning with a brand that fit well with her beliefs.

“I love the guidance and support that Harcourts gives each individual working under the banner and the emphasis to put people first,” Ms Wang added.

Gregg Toyama, Harcourts SA CEO said, “It is with pride and pleasure that we welcome Jing Wang and the Harcourts Adelaide City team to Harcourts in the South Australia family. We are extremely excited for what the future of Harcourts in the Central Business District of Adelaide.”

Harcourts Adelaide City is located at 69 – 79 Gilbert Street Adelaide and can be reached at email