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Mar 2, 2020 11:37:17 AM

Harcourts expands Adelaide’s east

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Business owner Brett Pilgrim and Director Leon Yuan have capitalised on the muscle and prestige that the Harcourts brand holds in the top end of the market by opening Harcourts Pilgrim. The renowned duo is excited to have opened the latest South Australian franchise with their experienced team, who are recognised at an international level for their contributions and achievements in Adelaide Real Estate.

With a strong focus on the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide Mr Pilgrim felt the time was now to move to a brand with a hefty emphasis on top end marketing.

“I love the leafy suburbs and prestigious homes, the community and the people in Dulwich Village. There are so many unique and grand homes throughout the suburb, it’s exciting whenever you walk through someone’s door,” said Mr Pilgrim (photo Mr Pilgrim and Mr  Yuan).


“Harcourts is perceived as much more of a luxury brand and as there are countless top end homes that we want to concentrate on, I felt it was time to make the move. We love the luxury property marketing Harcourts offers.”

Mr Pilgrim discovered his passion for property transaction during his highly successful career in finance. He soon found himself at the forefront of real estate; positioned at the helm of a large franchise in SA/NT as the state manager. It wasn’t long before Mr Pilgrim was promoted and sent to Sydney, however, having family ties back in Adelaide he decided to move home and open up his own shop. Ever since he has attained incredible results and helped countless clients, and for Mr Pilgrim, helping is the most rewarding achievement.

“As cliché as it sounds, it is helping people,” he said. “However, for me it is on a deeper level; I feel this industry shouldn’t just be focused on the top dollar sale, yes, that is key - but for me, helping people when they are in a tight or awkward situation brings me most gratification. I believe you develop real connection and relationship through real effort and help, that's my favourite part about real estate.”

Mr Pilgrim’s success can be attributed to the wealth of knowledge he has attained, with a heavy-duty understanding of the finance industry and vast comprehension of business management skills, combined with a passion for helping clients and the drive to adapt. “I think that it is hard work but also the willingness to have fun and adapt,” he said. “You need to have good, honest communication with your clients and staff. You need to be able to adapt to the new technology and work with it, instead of waiting for the common marketing sell a property.”

The Harcourts Pilgrim team have not only a strong hold the top end of the market, with Mr Pilgrim and his business partner Mr Yuan both recently selling properties in excess of 2 million dollars.

The team also have a forceful grip when it comes to selling via auction. They are now seeking to merge the two together and embrace luxury auctions. Mr Pilgrim broke a record sale price in Underdale, as his client aspired for an Eastern agent to run a hefty auction campaign – in doing so Mr Pilgrim was the first agent to break 1 million dollars in the suburb.

Mr Yuan also comes with a solid understanding of the finance industry. He studied a Bachelor of Finance and a Master of Accounting at Adelaide University.

Ever since making the move into real estate, Mr Yuan has been taking the industry by storm. He is now highly experienced throughout Linden Park, St Georges, Hazelwood Park, Beaumont and Glen Osmond. Having originated from North East China, Mr Yuan is bilingual in Mandarin and English, making him an asset to overseas buyers and sellers.

“I think the opportunity to work for a company with such fantastic brand recognition and to have an office in such a prominent area is what I am looking forward to, it ties in very well,” said Mr Yuan. “especially in our high-end market. But for me, I am most excited to now be a director, not just a salesperson. I deal with many Chinese buyers and sellers; they often want to deal with the boss when it comes to luxury property and now, I can be there for them and help in all circumstances.”

Gregg Toyama, Harcourts SA state CEO celebrated, “It is with pride and pleasure that we welcome the enormously experienced Brett Pilgrim, Leon Yuan and their team to Harcourts in South Australia, combining quality people and a premium brand – the East has never looked better.”

Harcourts Pilgrim is located at 65a Dulwich Avenue Dulwich, SA 5065 and can be reached at tel:(08) 08 7129 3012 or through email