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Apr 19, 2018 10:47:57 AM

Harcourts Expands Business Partnerships

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Leading real estate franchise network Harcourts Group Australia has announced three new national business partnerships delivering on its vision to be known as the finest experience in real estate.

“The new partnerships enhance the offerings available to property owners and property managers, giving Harcourts clients the protection and peace of mind so often sought in the property management space,” said Cathie Crampton, Harcourts Head of Property Management.

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Harcourts national business partners cover a wide range of products and services ranging from agent and property marketing, settlement gift ideas, data analytics, corporate merchandise, utility connections for clients and specific services for property management, business owners and day to day office administration.

The three new national partners:

  • CoverWise, which provides landlord insurance against loss of rent and damage to the property.
  • Re-Leased, a cloud-based property management system, which is ideal in commercial property settings. Accounts, lease management, inspections and maintenance, compliance management, tenant communication, document storage and reporting are all in one cloud-based system.
  • easyBondpay, a new bond payment facility for tenants and property managers, providing upfront bond payments for tenants, which can then be repaid over a 3-, 6- or 12-month period.

“easyBondPay attended our Harcourts Conference last year and have been getting great feedback and traction from our network ever since,” said Crampton, noting that based on this positive feedback, the relationship with easyBondpay was formalised as a partner for the Harcourts and the Landmark Harcourts network.

Similarly, Coverwise is the premium landlord insurance provider and when compared to the market, could not be beaten in both coverage and pace of resolution, while ReLeased offers incredible functionality for our commercial space.

In addition to growing the national partnerships community, Harcourts has also added the following offerings to its list over the past six months: LawLab, Foremost Currency Group, Thankyou and MethScreen.

Additional Harcourts business partners include BMT Tax Depreciation, Arthur J. Gallagher, Corporate Designs, Smoke Alarm Solutions, Rockend, PropertySafe, Poolwerx, CoreLogic, Roses Only, BMW, BUPA, REI Super.