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Mar 3, 2021 8:15:29 AM

Harcourts expansion key in WA growth region

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With real estate markets across Australia currently rebounding strongly from a global pandemic, in particular in Western Australia where house prices have jumped 1.2% in just the last month (February), leading real estate franchise network Harcourts Group Australia has moved to expand its footprint in the state.

Under the guidance of renowned local agent Tim Fidock, Harcourts Home Real Estate has opened its doors to service the residents and newcomers of Roleystone, Kelmscott, Bedfordale, Martin and surrounding regions.

WEB CROP Tim Fiddock1 02Mr Fidock (photo right), a third-generation real estate professional, said after many years working in the family business, the decision to open an office with Harcourts was made easy considering its people first approach.

“I guess I’ve constantly been in touch with Harcourts people over my time in real estate, and obviously I knew it was a strong brand, but I really didn’t know how good they were at the people side of things,” he explained.

“The approach, the branding and the direction they’re heading in was something that appealed to me. Of all the big agencies, they seem to be the ones taking a fresher, more innovative approach to the industry and that really aligns with what I want to do with this office. In all honesty, Harcourts and I just felt right,” he added.

Mr Fidock said that once he had completed his diploma in real estate, it gave him the skills to look at real estate in “more of a business sense” and after many conversations with Harcourts WA State CEO, Paul Blakeley, he decided it was time to get himself up and running.

“Paul really encouraged me to take this opportunity and run with it. Once we pushed the button, corporate were simply amazing in terms of setting up my website, getting my templates organised and systems in place, it virtually happened the next day. As we went through this process it became clearer and clearer that these were the people I wanted to be working with.”

Mr Blakeley said Mr Fidock’s enthusiasm and alignment with the Harcourts values made him the ideal fit to represent the brand in what they have identified as a growth region.

“From our perspective he’s operated in that area for quite a while now which gives us instant recognition and great presence in an area we’ve always wanted to branch into,” he said.

“It’s a big coup to have Tim at the helm. He understands the value of our brand and how we can help him get to the next level quicker. We’ve been able to assist him with all of the tools, branding and marketing he needs to get himself recognised and over the past couple of months his sales and listings have spoken for themselves.”

Mr Fidock said the support of his wife and Mr Blakeley had made opening his own business a seamless transition.

“Paul’s (Mr Blakeley) directorship and mentorship over the past few months has been second to none and without the support of my wife, who also works in the industry, I’m sure this would have been a lot harder.

“With boom time type results already happening here, for example, the median house price in Roleystone has gone up by 10% basically overnight, we are looking forward to a fantastic time in real estate and really bunkering down to do our best for the people here.”