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Jun 30, 2016 9:31:08 AM

Harcourts Inspirational Women launched

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Encouraging more women to take the step into the realm of public speaking is the ultimate goal of a group recently launched by internationally renowned real estate group Harcourts at their annual conference.

Taking the podium can be a nerve-racking challenge, and while women account for around 55% of all employees in the Australian real estate industry, men are much more likely to feature as guest speakers at any given real estate conference.HIW_logo.jpg

Irene Green, Head of Harcourts Academy, who founded and launched Harcourts Inspirational Women, said she believed that women in real estate represent a vast, relatively untapped pool of talent with much to offer.

Having seen how one-on-one encouragement can work wonders in the lives of everyday working women, many who are juggling multiple responsibilities, she decided to take a strategic approach and put some structure around the concept.

“I have always admired the many talented men courageous enough to step to the podium at our events but during my 26 years with Harcourts I could not help but notice how few women volunteer to do the same,” said Irene.

“I have two theories on why – they are too darn busy and often don’t believe they have anything of value to say.

“In 2013 a young woman decided not to give up on her dream to have a career in real estate because of something I said that inspired her to keep going in her struggle to succeed as well as raise a young child.

“I realised that ordinary hard working women like me could make a difference for the women of Harcourts.”

The backbone of Harcourts Inspirational Women is a network of Ambassadors in every state of Australia who will head up a mentoring program. Practical advice and support and will be given, seeking to help women in real estate succeed and take more opportunities, not only in Harcourts but in the real estate industry.

The program seeks to build momentum, by providing a sense of belonging and sisterhood within Harcourts and the wider real estate community. As they become available for speaking engagements, the profiles of Harcourts Inspirational Women guest speakers will be listed on the website, complete with their preferred key messages.

“I am grateful to the wonderful ambassadors who drive this in their regions. We shall continue to inspire other women to know that they are powerful beyond measure,” said Irene.

More information, including contact details of all State Ambassadors can be found at the website, click here.