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Feb 25, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Harcourts kicks off 2022

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The first Harcourts Kickstart and Quarterly Awards of 2022 lifted off in Victoria on Wednesday, and for many attendees, it was the first time in two years that a Zoom call wasn’t involved.


As Victoria and Tasmania CEO Tony Morrison said in his opening address “We’re just delighted to see you all here today. The room was already full five minutes after we opened the doors, unheard of!”

And what a day it was!

Harcourts Australia CEO Adrian Knowles and COO Lisa Pennell drove the network through the road map for a significant value offering an upgrade in tech and marketing before Mr Knowles took to the stage to kick off the internal company theme for the year.

“Our theme centres around us all working together as a symbiotic team - network and support teams. Together, we’ve really got this, no matter what comes at us”, said Mr Knowles.

“It was great to see everyone in-person and so eager to start the year with a bang.”

“After not being able to gather together for so long, the mood in the room was electric – we’ve got huge plans for this year and our network is eager to hit the ground running.”

“Our two breakout sessions: one for sales and one for property management, chaired by Head of Property Management Karmen Costigan, are the backbone of our annual Kickstart event.”

“These events provide such a valuable networking and learning opportunity, where the entire network can feel prepared, focused, and supported under the Harcourts brand.”

Harcourts COO, Lisa Pennell, added that with keynote speaker – journalist, New York Times bestselling author, activist and founder of, Sarah Wilson, the day focused on ‘How to run a business - and a life - based on values.’  

“Sarah’s unique story and learnings had us all laughing, thinking and, hopefully, looking to make healthy life and work choices”, said Ms Pennell.

“At Harcourts, we put so much emphasis on solid values underpinning our success, because we truly do put people first, whether they be buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants, or our corporate and network teams.”

“There is so much transformation happening at Harcourts this year that we are going to be running at full pace for the next 12 months, so it’s important to us that our people also take the time to care for themselves.”

“It’s going to be a fantastic year here at Harcourts and this first event was an incredible way to kick it all off.”

“In Victoria, it was a day of celebration and network engagement. An acknowledgment of hard work and impressive achievements.”

“Face to face, for the first time in two years.”

The Harcourts Victoria Quarter 3 Awards were held following on from Kickstart. 

The state-by-state Kickstart events will be held over the coming weeks:

  • Thursday 24 Feb – South Australia
  • Thursday 3 Mar – Queensland
  • Wednesday 9 Mar – Tasmania
  • Thursday 17 Mar – New South Wales
  • Wednesday 6 Apr – Perth