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Jun 4, 2015 8:52:07 PM

Harcourts launches client login service

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Harcourts International has launched its new client login service, a portal for exclusive Harcourts clients to use to keep up-to-date with everything that is happening with their property.

The service, developed by Harcourts Chief Information Officer, Jason Wills and Harcourts Head of Marketing, Katie McAleese aims to give clients 24 hour access to everything they need to know about what is happening with the sale or leasing of their property.

“We appreciated that our clients wanted to hear about their property’s progress on the go and that it’s not always convenient for clients to meet face-to-face, and that’s what this portal is able to provide”, says Mr Wills.

Mr Wills says the idea for a client login came a number of years ago when the Group updated their www.harcourts websites.

“At that time we were not in a position to automate information easily for our consultants to pass back to their clients.

“After recent surveys of our clients’ needs we understood they were after instant information about the sale of their property 24/7. This time though, we were now in a position to change our backend systems to make the information easily available direct to our clients, and the client login was born”, says Mr Wills.

The Harcourts client login gives each exclusive Harcourts client a unique login for each of the properties they are listing for sale or lease enabling them to access a range of data, documents and statistics on each of their properties.

The tool will house the marketing plan and calendar, marketing reports and feedback about a property. In addition to this all of the documents relating to the property will be held here, and the client will be able to see how their property is performing on the various real estate portals where their property is marketed.

Using the client login service, Harcourts clients are also able to receive reminder alerts prior to specific calendar events, such as upcoming auctions or meetings with their sales consultant or property manager. They will also be able to receive notifications when new documents have been uploaded, have access to all reports and documents as and when they need, and view live Harcourts website hits as required,

The online portal will also hold a copy of the unique Harcourts Promise, a written assurance signed and provided to Harcourts clients, committing to delivering clients with an exceptional level of service and to deliver on their primary objective – to achieve the best possible result for their property.

“Our Promise is made up of five essential services that our clients need from us so that they’re confident in the process we use to effectively sell or rent out and manage their property.

“Essentially these are the things we promise and deliver to our clients every day in order to provide an exceptional level of service”, says Ms McAleese.

The introduction of the new Harcourts client login follows the upgrade of all of the Group’s online websites to ensure they’re responsive on any platform, following Google’s announcement on 21 April that mobile-friendly websites will rank higher on their search engine.

Harcourts Head of eBusiness, Gregg Toyama recently showcased the new responsive websites at Harcourts Australia’s Annual Conference.

“With more website searches being done on mobile devices than desktop devices, and with Google’s recent announcement that mobile-friendly websites will rank higher, it is vital that our Harcourts offices and sales consultants can market their clients’ property on mobile-friendly websites”, says Mr Toyama.

Harcourts provide mobile-friendly websites to their offices which are integrated with their HarcourtsOne platform. The HarcourtOne platform allows an office or sales consultant to feature their listings and real estate business, combining their offline and online marketing into an inline marketing strategy.