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Feb 25, 2022 8:30:00 AM

Harcourts offices: Quantity by Quality

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There’s a well-worn saying: “It’s Quality, not Quantity that counts”, and another that goes: “More is More.”

The latest REIWA numbers show that Harcourts offices are combining both to achieve that rare feat of high-volume, high-quality results.

Compared to the state’s real estate market leader, the average number of listings per Harcourts office plus the average turnover per office is enormous, far outweighing the competitor.

As Harcourts Australia CEO Adrian Knowles puts it: “The huge average number of listings sold by our incredible franchisees in WA proves yet again that the Harcourts way is impressive and attractive to clients.”

“Put simply, REIWA’s statistics show that our quality service is appealing to more vendors, meaning our office do more, better.”

Recent business planning right across the Harcourts network is a significant contributing factor.

“We don’t just do this at the top level, our business planning is done with each of our support team, we plan with our business owners and then teach them to plan with each of their own team members”, points out Mr Knowles.

“This is why Harcourts offices and salespeople generally outperform industry averages - we are overweight on market share given the number of locations and people. This statistic in WA is an illustration of that.”

“We’re delighted to feature on REIWA’s list with this result.”

REIWA is a member-based organisation representing over 1,100 agencies and more than 90 percent of operating real estate agents in WA.

“When you do the maths,” says Harcourt WA CEO Clayton Treloar “the numbers show that we are way ahead of our competitors.”

“For example, the top agency in the state averages 7.5 listings per office, Harcourts' average is 17.16 and the dollar amounts are similarly impressive”, continues Mr Treloar.

“These are way-above-average heavyweight results. They’re huge!”

“This is why our offering is incomparable. We do things differently and that’s what makes us so special, we are a community that operates on lived values, not just a big business interested in the bottom line” continues Mr Treloar.

Paul Blakeley, Licensee, Harcourts Mandurah explains that the monthly REIWA awards offer an opportunity for us to benchmark our performance against our competitors and it’s great to see that regularly appear in these each month.”

“To finish as the Top Medium-sized office in the state for a number of listings sold and second place for the value of listings sold in January is a credit to the team as a whole”, said Mr Blakeley.

“And as these numbers show, the Harcourts quality translates to quantity anyhow – proof that success and values are not mutually exclusive!”