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Dec 20, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Harcourts rounds out the year on a new high as Team Blue levels up

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With the year rapidly drawing to a close, Harcourts Australia is wrapping up what has been a year of success and triumph over unprecedented events and uncertainty.


CEO of Harcourts Australia, Adrian Knowles, said it’s been a massive year of growth and change throughout 2021, with much more to come in the new year as an increasing number of like-minded individuals gravitate towards the well-known brand.

“This year has been an exciting time for Harcourts Australia, with key appointments in several leadership roles, 24 business owners making the decision to brand blue, and some industry first deals, projects and partnerships”, added Mr Knowles.

“As we approach the end of this year, it’s compelling for us to reflect on why so many respected industry professionals have wanted to join Harcourts, both at corporate and agency level.”

“The answer is simple – it’s like finding like. When we look into the eyes of our people, we know we’re the same.  We live and breathe the brand values of Harcourts and when our network members talk, we listen.”

“The year 2022 will be one where Harcourts goes above and beyond, with courage, and a good amount of fun and laughter along the way to bring our people the best service and experience possible.”

Harcourts Australia COO, Lisa Pennell, says the new year will be filled with new challenges, new innovations, and a whole new level of service.

“2022 will see a significant enhancement to the Harcourts value offering to its agents and offices”, added Ms Pennell.

“Our tech stack will be revamped, while we have now employed a crack in-country marketing team of experienced specialists who are based out of our Melbourne head office.”

“There’s no doubt that the Harcourts brand values are our key differentiator – doing the right thing, putting people first, being courageous and fun and laughter.”

“It’s also true that our industry is a people business and relationships will always underpin the success of any individual or group. But ensuring our agents are armed with the very best in technology and marketing to deliver the finest experience in real estate is equally critical to our strategy for continued growth in Australia.”

“2021 has been a year of hard work for our Australian and international support teams, mostly behind the scenes, in gearing up for a number of significant rollouts in 2022. Our goal is to ensure minimal disruption for our offices and agents as we level up together.”

“The future is bright. The future is blue!”