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Jul 22, 2020 12:26:24 PM

Harcourts strengthens position in New South Wales/ACT

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Harcourts Group Australia CEO Marcus Williams has announced the appointment of Mahan Shishineh as Chief Executive Officer and Babette Coutanche as Property Management Operations Manager of the Harcourts New South Wales/Australia Capital Territory support team.

Mahan3Mr Shishineh has served as General Manager since 2018 and is a member of the board of directors. He was previously Franchise Development Manager and contributed the enormous success Harcourts has seen in the marketplace, with 33 franchise offices currently. Ms Coutanche oversees the same position for the Queensland support team, a role she has held for two years. Together they are charged to drive continued excellence in all aspects of the business and improving the experience of being part of the Harcourts franchise network.

“We are committed to strengthening the value delivered into the franchise offices from our corporate team on both a national and State-based level,” said Marcus Williams, CEO Harcourts Group Australia.

“Over the past seven years, Mahan has led the initiative to recruit new franchise offices and team members, along with the added responsibility of supporting each Harcourts Business Owner in their growth. Adding Babette to the arsenal ensures both property management and sales teams are well looked after.”

Mr Shishineh (shown photo above) explained that Harcourts is yet to reach its true potential in the NSW/ACT market. “Every business owner and franchise who joins Harcourts aligns with the Harcourts values and culture, so we do not grow for growth sake, we take our time ensuring each franchise is set up for success,” he said.

“Where I have witnessed a real strength throughout NSW/ACT is our culture of sharing knowledge and being there for one another. This mindset leads creating and maintaining valuable businesses through our strategic process of a tailored annual business plan, monthly check ins and quarterly reviews, using market and business data to set goals and achieve them. The Harcourts State support team are their business partners and our support strategy is tailored to their needs.”

115966676_856267741869018_6964910638449867142_n (1)A key to franchise growth is the focus on property management. “I like to think of property management as the secure backbone of a real estate business,” said Ms Coutanche (photo right).

“What this often overshadowed part of the industry truly has to offer is securing a solid foundation and ensuring franchise businesses can weather any fluctuations in the sales market by providing reliable, steady consistent income and revenue streams to support and maintain consistent momentum towards growth. Having a well-operated and efficient, scalable property management business within each of our Harcourts businesses is my focus moving forward to bring to the table the unrealized potential property management can provide.”

In addition to Mr Shishineh and Ms Coutanche, the Harcourts NSW/ACT State support office team includes Madeleine Olsen (State Operations), Natalie Mikhael (Business Operations/Development Manager) and Paul Casarotto (State Trainer/Business Development Manager).