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Apr 14, 2020 4:06:40 PM

Harcourts Manningham Opens Doors

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As part of its continued expansion throughout Victoria, leading real estate franchise network Harcourts has brought its professionalism, expertise and fundamental values to the greater Manningham region.

Somewhat of a shining light in the unprecedented times, Harcourts Manningham has opened its doors with a team boasting over 50 years’ experience in the area. Business leaders John Konidaris, Helen Nicolopoulos and Nima Goharpey say their team’s strong focus is on integrity, honesty and of course, achieving amazing results.

Harcourts Manningham
Harcourts Manningham: John Konidaris, Helen Nicolopoulos and Nima Goharpey

Marcus Williams, Harcourts Group Australia CEO, said the expansion into Manningham was a logical step in the company’s continued growth in Victoria, adding that the new office would further compliment the 90+ offices currently operating in the state.

“With heavy competition in this area we saw it as the perfect opportunity to expand the international brand and take business to a new level,” he explained.

Harcourts Victoria CEO Tony Morrison echoed the comments: “Alongside our strong belief in building long-lasting relationships and rapport with our clients, we knew that our fundamental values of integrity and honesty would help us maintain and develop new relationships with clients who have the same goals as us - achieving outstanding results in the sale and professional management of their properties.”

With a strong network to back them up, Harcourts Manningham Director Nima Goharpey, said the office had already hit the ground running, with its high-profile area specialists bringing with them a number of loyal clients.

“Although we’re a new agency, the reputation of our staff, along with strong word of mouth recommendations, has led to a rapidly increasing rent roll and a number of market appraisals,” he said.

“We believe we are Manningham market leaders and have a strong knowledge of both historical and current market trends, which give us the experience and expertise to ensure our clients are making the right decisions about their property.Mr Goharpey said the Harcourts values of people first, doing the right thing and being courageous were key factors in creating the family type environment that the office already enjoys.

“We believe in creating a family atmosphere where our agents and clients have a mutual respect, trust, understanding and empathy towards one another.

“Communication is a key factor in achieving these strong relationships and the foundation for high results. We are courageous in the face of tough market-lows and will shine brightly through the incredible market-highs,” he added.

Harcourts Victoria Franchise Development Manager David Silcock said with Harcourts having already topped the international market, a number of headlining agents were preparing to do the same locally.

“The greater presence we have in more locations around Victoria, the stronger the brand becomes as a whole.

“Positioning agencies in popular areas around Victoria broadens our network and reaches more potential purchasers, buyers and investors who are yet to experience the unrivalled customer service that has made Harcourts who they are today,” Mr Silcock added.

Whether you’re buying, selling or renting residential property, Harcourts is proud to now be offering these services throughout Manningham and looks forward to welcoming you. For more information and to contact, please visit the office website