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Apr 12, 2016 10:53:21 AM

Momentum building for Harcourts after rebrand

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Mike_Green_-_Harcourts_Head_Office_24-11-2015-102_HighRes_smaller.jpgFollowing hard on the heels of Harcourts’ rebrand in January this year, comes news of the Group’s continuing strong performance and growth across the nation.

Fast approaching 20 years’ of operation in Australia, the Group’s Managing Director Mike Green (above) announced an all-time record year for the Group with a 13% increase in written and settled sales for the financial year ending March 31, and a 5.9% increase in sales volume across the 380 offices nationwide. Property management revenue also rose 16%.

With the number of Sales Consultants growing by over 7% during the same period, the Group’s reach and presence in the market place has it placed at No. 3 in the country for sales volume, and boasting one of the highest averages for commission paid per Sales Consultant.

Behind the healthy financial indicators of Harcourts’ growth, Mr Green said there were multiple strategic factors at play throughout the organisation, to which the new brand had brought fresh momentum and acceleration.

 “The great numbers that we see are proof positive that our strategies for growth are on target and that our approach to customer-focused service delivery is absolutely right,” Mr Green said.

“Growth is a theme in all our management structures, our business planning and our communications. We plan growth, we recruit for growth, so in one way, the results are no surprise.

“The fact that we are experiencing such progress during a period when the market itself has experienced a slowdown is a significant achievement.

“The new brand, which has received fantastic positive feedback from our offices and clients alike, is only just gaining momentum, and we expect it will continue to build as our offices take advantage of reinvigorating their shop fronts and marketing.”

Harcourts continues to be the top real estate performer in the Tasmanian and South Australian markets, and a growing influence in Queensland and Western Australia. In NSW and Victoria, the group continues to grow strongly, and nationally opened 30 new offices in the last 12 months.

The success of Harcourts’ Australian operations is only surpassed in New Zealand, where the organisation started over 125 years ago.

‘Across the ditch’, Harcourts achieved an all-time record result experiencing a massive 30% increase in written sales last financial year, 10% increase in property management revenue and a 5.9% increase in Sales Consultant numbers for the year.

“The only difference between the results in New Zealand and Australia is time,” said Mr Green.

“There is absolutely no reason, that as the Australian public continues to understand and become more familiar with Harcourts and how we do business, we won’t see similar results in Australia that are now being achieved in New Zealand.”