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Oct 3, 2016 11:02:24 AM

NAI Harcourts at the NAI Global Convention

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While attending a recent NAI Global Convention in Florida, Richard Laery, Chief Executive Officer of NAI Harcourts, Australasia, was reminded of the powerful network NAI Harcourts is part of. 

It was during September that this global network came together and exchanged and shared business ideas - a convention to power up business worldwide.

NAI Global leaders, business owners, asset managers, marketing managers and business brokers from all over the world descended on Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, Florida to take advantage of this annual global networking event.     

Today NAI Global is the world’s largest network of owner-operated commercial brokerage firms, with 166 members, 375-plus offices and more than 6,700 professionals. Operating under the institutional ownership of C-III Capital, NAI Global combines greater reach with its members’.

For Laery, “being attached to such a global network is certainly a point of difference for NAI Harcourts but it is not the only one. Giving clients outstanding service on a personal level, going beyond the call of duty is a key objective of the business”.

Laery discovered this common thread throughout the NAI Miami business, while making his way to the annual NAI Global Convention. Having visited the offices of NAI Miami, Laery discovered similar business objectives. Core to the business was delivering intelligence that nobody else has, operating with complete transparency while maintaining and providing superior client service.

For NAI Miami Co-Chairman Jeremy Larkin, he defines being part of the Global NAI network as “the number one differentiator, it’s a wonderful tool - to be able to tell everybody that if they have a problem and if I don’t have the solution I have 6000 partners spread around the globe. I can send out one email and in about fifteen minutes I’ll have twenty-four different suggestions. If they need something anywhere in the world I can put them in touch with the right person at the right time who can solve their problem”.

“Clients know they only have to make one phone call to me and any problem in the world - we can solve it,” says Jeremy.    

NAI Global’s recipe for success is clearly having high calibre professionals such as Larkin but experienced leadership at the helm of the company is paramount. This is a company with leaders who have had on the ground experience. Jay Olshonsky, President of NAI Global, has core roots as a street broker. This experience and understanding of the fundamentals of real estate gives him credibility as a leader with a depth of knowledge to support his team.

Collaboration is key to NAI Global and to the operations of NAI Harcourts. Offering solutions to clients that no individual company can do is a defining part of their business values. Laery says “we don’t just offer a service in Australia and New Zealand. We connect the dots between our international and local clients. We connect clients and businesses wherever they are. Crucial to our business is problem solving, offering solutions which then add value to our clients’ businesses”.

Laery was delighted to attend the three-day conference. “For the business it’s essential we connect with our international colleagues. The strength of these international connections are core to empowering and growing each of our businesses”, says Laery.

“Our global network offers and enables our clients to look beyond their own national market and property portfolios,” adds Laery.