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Oct 14, 2020 2:01:10 PM

NAI Harcourts a Full-Service Property Solution

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When it comes to the property industry, many companies boast a full end-to-end real estate service. But what does that actually mean?

For leading global estate agency Harcourts, it means a fully integrated real estate solution that incorporates not only its award-winning residential offering but a comprehensive commercial, industrial, retail and business broking division.

Established in 2010, NAI Harcourts joined the Harcourts suite of real estate offices, building on the powerful combination of a large and talented Australasian team with the connectivity and value add of its business partner NAI Global.Jason Luckhardt_800x600px headshots

NAI Harcourts Australia National Manager, Jason Luckhardt (photo right) said the synergy between NAI Harcourts and residential Harcourts agencies spoke volumes about the brand, adding that standout examples of this are NAI Harcourts Pinnacle in Queensland and NAI Harcourts Platinum in Victoria.

“They work very closely together and enjoy great synergy in terms of referrals,” Mr Luckhardt explained.

“NAI Harcourts as a brand tends to lean pretty heavily on the culture side of things, meaning that we are about putting people first, having the residential teams identify clients that need commercial services and then keeping that client in the brand for life by passing them onto the NAI Harcourts team - it’s a very strong and successful model.”

phil grant

Director Commercial Sales and Leasing NAI Harcourts Pinnacle (QLD), Phil Grant (photo above) said the relationship between NAI and Harcourts residential was quite simply an opportunity too good to pass up.

“I think there was a high level of untapped potential there that could be addressed if residential and commercial agents started working together to add further value to their clients.

“I see the Harcourts Group as well positioned to be able to offer such a complete service, after all, the best results are achieved when experts in their respective fields can collaborate,” Mr Grant added.

John Georgiou (1)In Victoria, Director NAI Harcourts Platinum, (Epping), John Georgiou (photo left) said when his business partners approached him to open an NAI office in the state’s capital, he could immediately see the benefit of the already strong presence they had in the area with their residential offices.

“Harcourts is a strong brand that is instantly recognised which offers NAI a strong base to work from,” he said.

“NAI can offer residential offices an easy avenue into an area of property that they may have no expertise in. Many residential clients have some exposure to the smaller industrial/commercial market. They can now feel comfortable knowing that their properties can be managed by their preferred agents whom they already have a relationship with.”

Further south, Warrick Hobart, Director of NAI Harcourts, Hobart (TAS, photo below) said despite the challenge of moving from Sydney to start the business, Harcourts provided him with an existing state-wide network of 26 offices which gave him a great referral stream in which to tap into.

“Working to establish an alliance with any business partner takes time and is not without its challenges, but once trust and mutual respect has been established, the two-way flow of referrals is inevitable and always very satisfying,” he explained.

708843_ResizeImages_WarrickHobart_042920“I often find too that once people have had a positive experience with a Harcourts person, they are happy to deal with other offices within the Harcourts family for all their real estate needs.

“There is no doubt that the Harcourts brand is always positively received. In the Hobart market in particular, we are seen as new, professional, fresh, successful, progressive and responsive…and that’s all before we’ve even introduced ourselves,” he added.

Mr Grant and Mr Georgiou shared these sentiments around the NAI and Harcourts combination.

“The Harcourts brand has brought a fantastic level of authenticity and trust to our commercial arm and backing that only a national company could provide. The training and support has been exceptional, and the availability of leaders has always been amazing,” Mr Grant said.

“Our offices’ success has definitely had a lot to do with the strength of our partners’ massive market share with the Harcourts brand being so prevalent in the region,” Mr Georgiou added.

Mr Luckhardt said the NAI Harcourts solution was not a one size fits all approach to streamlining residential and commercial real estate.

“NAI Harcourts businesses have created nice synergy between salespeople that flows through into the commercial side of things but by the same token, it doesn’t necessarily have to be set up that way,” he explained.

“We have a range of scalable models that work for everyone. Hobart for example is a standalone operation that can work with any residential office across Tasmania, as is NAI Metro in Perth. New franchisees have the luxury of choosing the model that works for them, whether they’re looking to be just commercial or have a residential team onboard ready to create a full-service agency.

“Regardless of the choice, the strength and support of the Harcourts brand will be there to guide, assist and grow with them.”