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Apr 23, 2020 5:10:53 PM

Profile: Harcourts Pilgrim adjusts and adapts in South Australia

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Private appointments, virtual walkthroughs and online auctions. These are the latest terms that are going to be intertwined within the real estate sector for many months to come. However, realistically, how are real estate businesses going to go about their “business as usual”? Leading by example, Harcourts Pilgrim have adapted, and quickly.

In the case of adjusting swiftly, business owner Brett Pilgrim (photo) and his team at Harcourts Pilgrim can be applauded. Joining the Harcourts brand less than two months ago in mid-February, the Pilgrim team have been exceedingly hardworking - changing brands, setting up a new shop and finding their bearings within the new company structure. During this time Mr Pilgrim and his team also found the time to plan their first in-room auction event as Harcourts Pilgrim on Wednesday the 26th of February. The event was to host 8 properties marketed and ready to sell under the hammer. Unfortunately, plans needed to change. 



We made the early decision to ring all our Vendors and change things 2 weeks out. We simply changed the methods to best offer buy and brought the date forward a few days. We contacted each enquiry for each property and managed to get offers quickly on all 8 property's which is a great indication that the market is still moving. We sold 6 and 2 remain in negotiation.” Brett Pilgrim

Through this process Harcourts Pilgrim have found that there is no slowing down and that stock is continuing to move. However, future considerations need to be put into place.

“Our industry hasn’t lost much really other than Public Auctions and Open Inspections, we can still transact safely. People still need to buy and sell so we have embraced technology for appointments online. We were already a digital office, so all our forms are done electronically, we have already done online auctions so also ready for that, so we have just had to add virtual tours and a lot of Facetime calls from Properties.” Mr Pilgrim added.

The resilience and acclimatisation to the recent restrictions on real estate from Harcourts Pilgrim is something to be admired. The team are leading by example and illustrating that during these uncertain times real estate will continue to transact, clients will stay safe, informed and have choice as to how to buy, sell and lease. With this, vendors and landlords alike can be confident to continue to put their property on the market.

Harcourts Pilgrim is located at 65A Dulwich Ave, Dulwich SA 5065 and can be reached at (08)7129 3012 or through email